How can I download the contents of my shopping cart?

Once you have created the zip file and it has loaded, you can press the "Download" button. Now you can find the file under the "Downloads" folder.


How do I filter the content I need?

In the left area you will find the filter. Here you can filter by your requirements like season, product type, gender, activity, etc. You can also filter by product content (images, texts and videos), so you won't see products without videos if you search for them only.


How do I download the image format I need?

Under the filter options you will find the button "DATA SETTINGS". Here you can select the image format you need. You can also select which images you want to have. The same applies to texts and videos.


Where is the "ADD ALL TO BASKET" button?

Basically, you will find this button on the right above the first displayed row of models. However, to make it convenient to use, this button is only available up to a certain data size to avoid long download times. So if you have selected too many products, this button will not be selectable and you will have to reduce the amount of data. Use the filters for this.


How long does my download take?

The duration of your download always depends on the size of your shopping cart. If the download takes too long, you can enter your e-mail address and you will be notified as soon as the download is available. A link in this mail will take you directly to your download.